Oricide CedarGreen

Accuro Cedar Green 32oz Bottle

Oricide CedarGreen

Accuro Cedar Green 32oz Bottle

Oricide CedarGreen ™

Non-toxic insecticide for outside use.

Oricide CedarGreen controls and kills all lawn (turf) soil borne pests.  Blended with all-natural plant extracts, interrupts insect’s communication system, penetrates cuticle and respiratory system, replaces present toxic lawn chemicals with no re-entry delay whatsoever for people and pets, refreshing and pleasant spring aroma.  The product is sold in concentrated form and one gallon can treat up to 10 acres based on the form of application.

Product: Sold as Concentrate in 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 Gallon up to 275-gallon containers.

Recommended:  Residential and commercial settings, also lawns, turf, vegetation and outdoor misting systems as well as a perimeter spray.

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