Proprietary Blending

Accuro AgriServices manufactures a proprietary line of innovative pollinator friendly cruelty-free organic all-natural nontoxic products that protect people, animals, crops and properties.

Our flagship commercial product lines, Accuro, FlyGone and Oricide, are a line of bio-insecticides – Green insecticides – that are a safe and effective.  The base of these formulations are essential oils which are plant-based and non-toxic combining active and inert ingredients chosen from those recognized safe by the EPA, under the FIFRA 25(b). 

Our flagship personal use product line, Accuro, is based on the same proprietary formulations – plant-based essential oils – with a different emulsifier and other adjustments more appropriate for human application then our FlyGone and Oricide product lines.

Our formulas are safe for the entire family – including babies(6 months or older), children, expectant mothers and pets.

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