8 hours of protection from mosquitoes & other insects

OUR Story

ACCURO insect repellents were originally developed to provide farmers and growers with an all natural alternative to using harmful chemicals on their plants.

Knowing the success in its original form and the reality of the impending presented by mosquito’s and their insect-borne illnesses like Zika, West Nile and Yellow fever, we set out to modify our product to provide protection to our families.

OUR Mission

At Accuro, we believe that you can enjoy the outdoors insect free without the use of harmful chemicals such as DEET & Picaridin.  Our mission is to develop products that use natural active ingredients that are safe and effective to be used by the entire family

OUR Solution

Our team worked for over two years to develop and test our all natural Accuro Mosquito Repellent.   Using a combination of essential oils, glyceridic oil, and stabilizers our patent pending formulation has been third party tested to work up to eight hours.